Standing up for victims

We believe the justice system must put the rights of victims ahead of the rights of criminals.

That’s why Canada’s Conservatives promised to rebalance the scales of Canadian justice with a Victims Bill of Rights, including:

  • Right to information: Victims will have access to information about the justice system, victim services, and specific information about their case.
  • Right to protection: Victims will have their security and privacy protected during the criminal justice process.
  • Right to participation: Victims will be able to present a victim impact statement and have their views considered at various stages of the criminal justice process.
  • Right to restitution: Victims can ask the court to consider restitution when there are easy-to-calculate financial losses

Today, we introduced legislation to ensure victims’ rights are enshrined into  law.

Promise made, promise kept.

Only Canada’s Conservatives can be counted on to stand up for victims and keep our streets safe.

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Peter MacKay MP, Central Nova